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We promise success with our Website Design Services. GOLOGONOW is one of the most professional app development companies in the US. Our capacity is growing every single day. Making us better to help you more efficiently.


Our Custom Website Design Services

GOLOGONOW Custom Website Design Services give you an edge. We help your online presence soar with recognition and a strong reputation.



We begin our website design process with result-oriented optimization. Our team then focuses on perfecting your project. All for generating higher website traffic. This technique has helped thousands of our clients’ websites grow. Not only establishing an online presence but also achieving an aesthetical web design.

We guarantee positive results. To demonstrate this, we requested some of our clients to share their analytics.




We asked clients with our eCommerce web design solutions to show you how much web traffic was generated.

An average of 200% increase in web traffic,


  • Natural placement of SEO Keywords
  • User-friendly UI Design Optimization
  • Smoother Shopping Experience

This has resulted in higher website traffic and sales. Moreover, we managed to secure 100% more new leads. Also, approximately $294,000 on average in revenue.

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We asked clients with our eCommerce web design solutions to show you how much web traffic was generated.

  • 9.3% call-to-action response. 5.07% higher than the industry average.
  • Many of our clients excelled with excellent conversion rates. Our average was 12%, with the highest being 29%. This surpassed the standard conversion rate by 24.7%.
  • Increase in Organic SEO Traffic by around 35%. With average site traffic of about 30K visitors.

Our clients were, and ARE highly satisfied with our services. We endeavor to always keep it like that.

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Lead Generation is an integral part of your website performance. It pushes your website towards a boost in brand identity. We have also successfully managed to increase organic leads. To accomplish this, we implemented these practices:

  • Optimized forms
  • Engaging landing pages
  • Expert SEO Keyword Research, and Keyword Placement
  • Fulfilling our clientele’s Copywriting expectations.
  • Optimized Content, leading to higher page views.

We are dedicated to bringing a higher brand exposure for our clients. To achieve this, we go out of our way to perform the best practices, making you known online.

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In this day and age, almost everyone needs a web design. Whether you are a business, a brand, or an influencer, websites are a must. We aim to deliver high-end website designs and development solutions. And it doesn’t stop here.

When inspiring graphics, a user-friendly experience, and a responsive website design meet, things are sure to take a leap!

WEBSITE DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT some of the most popular CMS platforms that we are proficient in —


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Don't stop here. If your website project is in progress, gear up for something higher. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), prepare for what’s next.



  • 1. How do you start your own website?

    Websites usually have a simpler process as compared to Web Apps or Mobile Apps. The process can be different depending on the type of website design you’re going for. The duration for each of these types also varies.

    Generally speaking, 10 basic steps go into starting your website. They are:

    • Consult a professional web development agency to suggest or assist you with your ideas.
    • Provide them with a list of requirements for your website.
    • Get your web design, plus logos, animations, and icons ready.
    • Compose your content. If you are looking for SEO-friendly content, consult a professional SEO writer to assist you.
    • Ask the web design agency that you’ve signed up with to guide you through the process.
    • Follow through the website development process.
    • Get your domain name registered along with website hosting.
    • Make your site go live on the registered domain.
    • Keep your site maintained and optimized.
    • It is also suggested to always equip yourself with organic marketing strategies for better growth and recognition.

    That’s it! You’re good to go.

    If you need some honest suggestions for your project, then GOLOGONOW is always happy to help. We can offer you consultation, recommendations, and possibly get you on board. Giving you the best website development services that you will ever find.

  • 2. How much does it cost to design a website?

    Website Design and Development techniques change by industry. The technologies used for informational websites aren’t necessarily the same for eCommerce stores. Similarly, the cost included is also different.

    Usually, basic website packages can start anywhere from $150 to $4000. The costs for template-based sites and custom websites are also different. The most important factor that matters is evaluating your needs for your project. Most people go for packages that offer features way beyond their needs. That is why it is vital to seek professional website consultation before commencing your project.

    Though we can develop all types of websites, we always help you analyze your requirements first. No matter the kind of web design you’re going for, proficiency with great performance will always be guaranteed by us.

    GOLOGONOW is one of the fastest-growing website design agencies in Canada and the USA. We are offering cost-effective website design solutions, without compromising on quality.

  • 3. What is the best website design?

    The best website design, regardless of the type, is a user-friendly one. A seamless UI/UX design flow with easy-to-use features can attract large numbers of visitors to your website.

    If we talk about popular website designs, then a flat design website with minimalist illustrations will suit best. Its UI design keeps everything streamlined, minimizing confusion and maximizing engagement.

  • 4. What is a landing page and how does it work?

    The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. It is a webpage developed for engaging a user, usually with forms or with copywriting strategies. These elements are paired with an attractive UI design and an irresistible offer. Also, landing pages are always to the point, with a decluttered design. Powered by a good and straightforward landing page, there are great chances for converting traffic into customers.

  • 5. What does Responsive mean in web design?

    A responsive web design makes a website or a webpage suitable for viewing across all devices. Responsive Web Design or RWD uses CSS media queries to adapt a webpage with the viewport.

  • 6. What is an eCommerce web design?

    An eCommerce web design is the digital version of your business. It is usually a website that follows a process to create an online store for your business. eCommerce Web Designs use attractive templates to display your products or services. They also include many other features like payment processing, cart options, advanced security, and simple search tools.

  • 7. What are the best eCommerce platforms?

    Best eCommerce platforms stand uncontested in fulfilling each aspect of an online store. GOLOGONOW recently conducted a survey; how different eCommerce platforms can serve your online commerce needs.

    We concluded with the following verdict:

    Magento – Best eCommerce solutions for large businesses. With extensive security. It also offers ultra-fast processing of the vast product inventory.

    OpenCart or Shopify – Best eCommerce Web Designs for mid-level businesses. These platforms have all the tools you need to perform eCommerce functions. Shopify gives a sleek and organized experience, while OpenCart can handle multiple add-ons, modules, and themes.

    WooCommerce integrated with WordPress – Best eCommerce platform for small businesses. It is an open-source platform with the ability to support endless customizations. WooCommerce gives you the best of the best and can also be used for growing or mid-level businesses. With such ease and flexibility, WordPress web designs with WooCommerce can get your business booming.

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